News From Old Briggensians - September 2003

Further news from a regular contributor, P.D.J. Campbell of South Winds, High Street, East Markham, Newark, Nottinghamshire NG22 0RE. Peter writes to say he appreciates the remarks about his comments from time to time and he was sorry to hear of the death of Lawrie Collins, who he had mentioned last year. Peter was surprised to learn of the demolition of the pavilion and he wonders if there will be a sports pavilion planned for the future.

He says "It was most interesting to read extracts from The Briggensian of 1929 sent in by John Lee. I had been at the school since 1924 and building the new pavilion was a great event. It replaced a small shabby old hut and seemed magnificent at the time, the reward of much fund raising. The refectory was originally the sanatorium for the boarders. I was there a short time in 1924 in my first term when I caught Whooping Cough. The names in the sporting events bring back memories. John Dore lived near to me in Barton, where I moved from Elsham; John Lee himself lived in Barton, one of a family eminent there for many years."

Walter C. Cash of 21 Farside Road, West Ayton, Scarborough, YO13 9LE (1927-33), wrote to say he was always pleased to see a few words from P.D.J. Campbell as he is a welcome reminder of Walter's enjoyable years at B.G.S.

An e-mail has been received from Robina Cosser of Queensland, Australia, who was pleased to hear the Briggensians were developing a new website. Robina says "after Brigg Girls High School I went to Bretton Hall (1966-69) and spent a very lazy three years studying Art. In 1974 I migrated to Awstraylia as you Pommies like to call it. I completed a degree and then a Masters in Applied Linguistics at Sydney Uni. I worked with Aboriginal languages and also taught Bahasa Indonesia (studied at a uni in Central Java). It was great work travelling around remote areas like the islands of the Torres Straits.

Now I am retired and living in Cairns, a tropical resort town in far North Queensland. I would really be delighted to hear from any old friends in Brigg - I think of my home town very fondly." Robina's e-mail is

An update from Howard Lee of Western Australia. His e-mail address is

Edward Nobbs, who left in 1954, tells us he is now retired after teaching in Scarborough. He now keeps bees, runs a smallholding and breeds Sharpei dogs (best of breed Crufts 2002, 2003). "Life is great. Doing research into genealogy. Back to 1410 in one line" says Ted. Ted invites you to view his websites at the following addresses: Genealogy site And show-dogs at

The Chairman had a very interesting conversation with David Stockdale who wishes to be contacted via his e-mail. He send s the following message for the magazine,

"I'm one of those oldies who left in 1948! Is there anyone in addition to Derek Bowskill and George Gunson who remembers me?"

David's e-mail address is

Rob Parkinson of South Glamorgan sends his congratulations to Brigg Town on their football success. He asks

"Is Gib still involved?"

Perhaps "Gib" would like to e-mail him with the answer on:

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