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And in a further e-mail he brings us up to date:

I left BGS in 1952 when my father, who worked for British Railways, was moved to Newcastle, where I lived until I did my National Service from 1957 to 1959. I spent one year being taught Chinese and then a year in Hong Kong monitoring radio. I then went to Christ Church Oxford, where I read PPE. In 1962 I graduated and went to Canada for three years to become a chartered accountant. I am still there! I retired in 1998 from the firm Ernst & Young and since then have done some consulting and for the last three years have worked half time for the Canadian body the oversees auditing firms in Canada.

During my career and in my spare time I have loved to travel and in recent years have taken up cruising to places that one would otherwise be unlikely to visit. For example, in the last three years I have visited Petropavlovsk in Russia, Saranda in Albania and Puerto Ordaz up the Orinoco River in Venezuela. I have visited over eighty countries. I was lucky during my career to be on several international committees and traveled to all continents except Africa.

I married a Canadian and we have one son who is a journalist.

David has also sent in some comments on the 1950 BGS whole-school photograph, which we hope to add shortly.

Briggensians Autumn Golf Competition at Elsham

The Stableford golf competition for 2007
was combined with a match play game
against the school. Wet weather in July
caused a postponement of the school
game but many thanks to John Hastings
for arranging this combined event.

Photographs of players ‘old and new’ can
be seen on these pages enjoying this
pleasant occasion.

Briggensians winner: Matthew Holmes
(42 Points - playing off 7!)
Past vs. Present: Past won 3-0
AGM elections for 2007-8 were:
New Captain 2007-8: Andrew Longden
Vice Captain 2007-8: Roger Holmes



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The Christmas season is a time of year when everyone thinks of friends and relatives in far-away places and so it's a good time to send greetings to all those members of the Briggensians "family" who are far from North Lincolnshire. They may have moved to another country and put down roots there, or they may be working or studying somewhere for a limited time, but we hope they all enjoy the Christmas festivities and we wish them all a safe, peaceful and prosperous 2008.

Expat Briggensians continue to send in news from across the globe. Following on from the letter from Frank Gant we featured recently, here are two more, to whom we send special thanks and greetings.

Robina Cosser in Australia

Robina writes about the Girls' High School reunion:

I just wanted to say how great it is to see the photos of Brigg Girls High School on the website. I'm in Cairns, Far North Queensland, and I haven't seen the school since I was a student there in 1966.
So nice to see the photo of Miss Maddock laughing. I never, ever saw her laugh. But I respected her hugely.

David Selley in Canada

David writes from Toronto:

I will be passing through Brigg in 2008 and will contact you then.
My most vivid memories are: